Benefits of Agency

Purpose for the RMAgency is to pool together the best hair, makeup, nail, fashion stylist and photographers in the city of Atlanta and develop them to becoming a Celebrity Artist of The RMAgency. RMAgency will market the gifts, talents and products of this Artist to the high end, fashion, film studios, and top Music Executives. We will become the premier agency for the new companies and studios that are moving into Atlanta from Los Angeles, and New York.

Brand Agency & Lifestyle Marketing Firm – We will create, bios, web presence, flyers brochures and product they need to assist them in branding their talent, product or services. 

Celebrity Stylist – We turns Artist in the Fashion, Film, & Entertainment Industry into the next Dwight Ubanks, Ms Jay from American Next Top Models, Derrick Jay and celebrity photographers etc…

Top Notch Training– continuous education, training classes for the top Artist, Advance knowledge of the news and best products out in the beauty industry, awareness of conferences and trade shows in this industry. Sold working environment that will allow 24/7 access for your clients convince.  

Glam on the Go- allowing you to give your client the availability to receive top notch services in the convince of their home, or hotel. We also will arrange for you to follow and be with them on set for movies, and concerts and tours.

Brand Ambassadors Artist– We will shop products that want a top stylist, makeup artist etc. to rep their product, we will negotiate the deal for you and allow you to generate nontraditional revenue for these services.   

Sales and Promotional Team -We have developed a management and sales consulting firm dedicated to accelerating your client base. And the awareness of you talents to the world not just in the Atlanta market, all over, because we are franchising this concept in all the major markets.  Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Vegas and London. 

24/7 All Female Staffing– Richmisses Agency house women in the fashion film & music industry that we has a 24/7 staffing company that all of the ladies have to have the services of these artist, they will be required to us our glam team.  We also turn these ladies in to the next super star and they still have to come thru our team. They will become the walking billboards of your services.

We are now hiring top licensed, both union and non union stylist and technicians for hair, make up, fashion, and nails. If you feel you have what we are looking for, please submit the following information by clicking the link below: